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He is available to speak at District Conferences and Rotary leadership training institutes. Content also applies to other not-for-profit organizations.

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Sunday, 29 November 2015

38 Quotes to Challenge, Inspire, Motivate, Encourage, Entertain and Uplift!

Original quotes written by Robyn T. Braley
Written by Robyn T. Braley

I have to fess up. I tweet. Not only do I tweet, but I tweet often. 

Soon after I started tweeting I realized that I could add value by writing original inspirational, uplifting, leadership, branding and positive lifestyle content. 

In social media you’ll find 1,000’s of quotes from business, military, political, historical, biblical, sports, academic and any other kind of thought leader you can name. 

There are also quotes from those who think they are leaders but the poor quality of their content suggests otherwise. The primary way to build credibility and attract a large social media audience is to provide quality content. The second tip is to stick to the general rules;
  • Know your audience
  • Don’t over promote yourself, your business or cause
  • Don’t be rude
  • Don’t be hateful
  • Don’t send tweets that few people understand 

Encourage and Inspire

Leaders of service clubs, breakfast clubs and business, education, association, religious or community groups often start or finish their meetings with a quote that provides further insight into the topic at hand. They...
  • Encourage
  • Challenge 
  • Inspire
  • Amuse

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pintrest

I invite you to use my quotes. It’s fun seeing them show up in newsletters, blogs or recirculated on social media. Some inspirational speakers have also used them. Cool! 

I publish three blogs, operate two twitter accounts and am constantly writing for various communications projects. I am also a speaker. 

Developing content for all of these inspires observations and insights. Especially at midnight or in the wee hours of the morning when I am facing some kind of deadline.

Organizing a few quotes into one place makes them available to anyone who can use them. I’ve eliminated the ‘twitterese’ and organized them into categories.

If appropriate, please include a writer credit. Is that too much self-promotion? Perhaps! 

If you use them for social media, please include one of my Rotary or personal twitter handles and I’ll – wait for it – retweet it with a link to your site.
  • Building the Rotary Brand; @rtbraley_rotary 
  • Brandit; @RobynTBraley

Rotary Specific

How does Rotary work? Some can do a little and others can do a lot. When everyone does something, great things happen. –Robyn T. Braley

If everyone shines a little light in the darkness, the combination of shining lights will soon overcome the darkness. Let your light shine! –Robyn T. Braley

Want to develop a positive outlook? Hang out with positive people. Rotarians know that positivity is positively contagious. –Robyn T. Braley

Never underestimate the role Rotary has played in eradicating polio. As a consistent force working with a worldwide network of collaborative partners, Rotary has played a key role in making a profound difference in the lives of millions. –Robyn T. Braley

Diversity of ideas, opinions, talents, economies, resources, ages, genders and cultures are the strength of a strong Rotary Club. –Robyn T. Braley

There is a fund raising axiom that money follows VISION! A clearly communicated and transparent vision builds trust, belief and faith! People of vision inspire others to follow. Robyn T. Braley

People in crisis who need help need help NOW! But, when long term help is an option, giving folks a hand up rather than a hand out though micro-credit and other practical and educational programs will last a lifetime! How can you help? –Robyn T. Braley

When you help the homeless, you help people. Helping people who need help restores dignity and hope. When hope is restored, anything can happen. –Robyn T. Braley

How do you make a difference? It starts by just starting. Help one person at a time.
  • Improve a child’s life and you improve a family. 
  • Improve families and you improve a village. 
  • Improve a village and you improve a region.
  • Improve enough regions and you improve a country. 
  • Improve countries, and you improve the world. 
That is why Rotarians do the work of Rotary. –Robyn T. Braley

Rotary is a safe place for leaders. Like-minded people come together in common purpose to make people and communities better across the street, across the city, across the nation and around the world. –Robyn T. Braley

The sun never sets on the world of Rotary. That is why Rotary makes a world of difference. –Robyn T. Braley


Leaders sometimes push, sometimes pull and sometimes walk beside. Great leaders know when to do which. –Robyn T. Braley

How do you keep the rats from winning? Stop feeding them cheese. Go on a rat attack. What’s your cheese? –Robyn T. Braley

What is the common trait shared by inspirational leaders? They say ‘How can we’ when other’s say ‘it can’t be done.’ –Robyn T. Braley

Quality leaders surround themselves with quality people. Quality inspires quality. –Robyn T. Braley

Great leaders know that a smile is the most powerful tool in the body language tool box. –Robyn T. Braley

Building consensus requires two skills. The first is serious listening. The second is measured, thoughtful response. When the process is mutual, meaningful dialogue, understanding and collaboration becomes possible. –Robyn T. Braley

Great leaders are like great athletes. They anticipate the next play, not just the one in the present moment. They expect the unexpected! –Robyn T. Braley

Great leaders don’t just think outside the box. They think as if there is no box. Think differently. What do you think? –Robyn T. Braley


What is your passion? Focus on what matters. Follow your passion and you will discover your life purpose. –Robyn T. Braley

Failure is not the end point. Failure is simply a station along the railway to success. Try one more time. Get back on track. –Robyn T. Braley

Self-confidence is believing in yourself when no one else does. Belief comes from a source deep within your soul. Let it rise. –Robyn T. Braley

In times that seem the darkest, look for the glimmer of light! Walk towards it. Find your way forward! –Robyn T. Braley

As Yogi Berra said,”It ain't over 'til it's over!” It’s true. Sometimes what seems like the end is only the beginning! –Robyn T. Braley

Do you always believe the grass is greener on the other side of the fence? Remember, it’s only grass! With water, seed, fertilizer and time, the greenest grass may grow right where you are! –Robyn T. Braley

Success in every part of life begins with a series of choices. Make the right choices! Then have the resolve to see them through! –Robyn T. Braley

Achievers never ask permission to dream great dreams! They just dream them. Then they take steps to make them real. –Robyn T. Braley


When it’s my turn to cook, I can tell how good the spaghetti will be by how messy the top of the stove is! Great cooks never fear ‘messy.’ –Robyn T. Braley

Rearrange the letters in the word diet. What does it spell? E-D-I-T! Eat healthier! Live longer. Edit! -Robyn T. Braley

Friendships are where you find them! Sometimes, if you just reach out, you’ll find them in unexpected places. Remove barriers. –Robyn T. Braley

True and trusted friends listen. After they listen, they care enough to tell you things that are difficult to hear. That is when it’s your turn to listen. -Robyn T. Braley

Living a balanced life affects every area of life. What will you do for yourself today? What will you do for your family? –Robyn T. Braley

Knowing history is important so that we don't repeat the bad parts. How different would the world be if all leaders studied history? Think about it! –Robyn T. Braley

You can replace your wealth and your possessions. You can’t replace your family. Treat them like you understand that simple truth. –Robyn T. Braley

Note to cataholics. Do you spend too much time with your cat ignoring your spouse and children? NEWSFLASH! Your cat doesn't care! –Robyn T. Braley

Why did God make bagpipes? Good question. Was it even God? –Robyn T Braley

Robyn Braley is a marketing specialist, keynote speaker and writer. He is also a Rotarian who is passionate about Building the Rotary Brand. Robyn has led two teams that received the Rotary International PR Award. He has also served as the PR Chair for District 5360. 

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